The great ancient philosophers said a lot of wise things that are applicable to poker in our time.

You won’t have to go far for examples, and today we turn to the sayings of the ancient philosophers Epictetus , Seneca and Marcus Aurelius .

More specifically, we use their wisdom in strategy and psychology for poker players to improve their playing skills.

Take control of only what you can

Submit to what does not depend on you, and improve in yourself what depends only on you. It is only reasonable to take care of this, and take everything else as it happens.

What happens not in your will, but to live for good or for evil – in your will. Nobody hinders you, no matter what happens to you, to act always and in everything in accordance with truth and goodness. Whatever happens, you will turn yourself into a lesson and benefit.

Was the last time you were annoyed that everything was under control? I doubt.

Ancient philosophers understood very well what control is.

They believed that we can control our thoughts and the actions that follow from them.

To be able to distinguish between what is in our power to do and what is not. Everything outside of us, bodily, external world is beyond our control.

It is not these things themselves, but only our ideas about them that make us happy or unhappy; but our thoughts, aspirations, and, consequently, our happiness are subject to us.

Poker is not just a game

We never learned anything if we did as soon as we please. This means that in order to be a free person, one should not wish in vain everything that only comes to mind. On the contrary, a free person must learn to want and agree with everything that happens to him, because what happens to a person does not happen in vain, but at the will of the One Who rules the whole world.

Poker is life.

Recently I was doing some research among professional poker players. I asked them what they thought about a possible poker career for their children.

Most reacted negatively, but all were not opposed to their children “learn the life lessons that poker can provide.”

Poker is such a separate world. This is a game in which teachers learn themselves in school. Not only for the comprehension of fundamental mathematics, but also for deduction, rationality, sociability and other equally important things.

And when learning poker, your eyes should be open wide, like an owl. You don’t have to be a moth. Don’t just think of poker as a game.

Think of poker as a further education opportunity. In poker, learning is not about making you smarter or better looking in front of your friends. In poker, you study life.

None of us received instructions for life at birth. So use poker as a guide.

Learn to say no

If you look closely, it turns out that most of the life of many is wasted on bad deeds, a considerable part on idleness, and the whole life in general is not at all what is needed.

No matter how hard we try, life runs faster than we do, and if we still hesitate, it rushes by, as if it were not ours, and although it ends on the last day, it leaves us every day.

There are 1440 minutes in one day. Most of us spend 480 of these minutes sleeping. Therefore, only 960 minutes a day remains for life.

Not everything is under our control.

Time – not money – is life’s most valuable resource. You have to take advantage of every minute, and for that you need to be able to say no.

One of the bonuses from the knowledge of a poker player is that you can understand what the consequences are of negative emotions, and why there is a “tilt” .

Think about the anger that gripped you when the next flush did not reach the river.

What about those times when you lost confidence because “the deck of cards was clearly not on your side”? How many poker apps have you downloaded before choosing the one that suits you best?

Just say no to anger, frustration, confusion and distraction. Make poker profitable and successful for you.

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